ars Paradoxica: Farewell to Louis Gains...Time Traveler


About a month ago I recorded my last session of ars Paradoxica and laid my role of Captain Louis Gains to rest.  I will truly miss this character as the creators of this award winning serial podcast took great care as to give me a proper send off.  The only thing that Gains wanted to do was to make a difference in society and save his dear comrade in arms and friend David Marian.  Feeling personally responsible for his disappearance  Gains was able to find his friend and finally solve that mystery.  I don't want to give away to much because you can still catch all the episodes to see what happens.  I will say though that Louis was written with great care and I am honored that I was able to give voice to a time traveling African American in science fiction that has been well received all over the world.  As always you can check out the podcast  on iTunes Google Play and other platforms.