Zombie Town!


It’s officially out!  I’ve been cast in a proof of concept trailer for the distopic zombie film ZTV. ZTV: The PreZerve is an independent, feature-length horror film that takes place in the post-apocalyptic aftermath of the American Zombie War. Writer and director Jason Ragosta and his talented crew are excited to begin pre-production on the proof of concept trailer leading up to the feature length film.  You can see the whole process on their Facebook page as they plan to share every step of the journey in bringing it from script to screen, in all its bloody glory.


Behold our amazing cast for the ZTV proof of concept trailer shoot! We can't wait to spray copious amounts of blood on these folks!  Click to enlarge

I've read the feature length script and it doesn't disappoint on providing both thrills and setting the back drop on social relevance in this day and age of reality tv and "Fake news."  The great thing about zombie films is that the vast majority of these films serve as a mirror on what's going on in our society.  The great George Romero, the godfather of zombie films, set the precedent in his film Night of the Living Dead back in 1968, when he cast an African American male as the main protagonist of the film who saved the survivors of a zombie ravaged small town.  This film keeps that tradition and I can't wait to see the feature version come to fruition.