Wow!!! I can’t believe I held this in for such a long time. Prepping, recording guests, planning and editing has all come down to my very own show. I’ve had such a great time lending my voice to so many other talented groups that i’ve decided to create my own podcast: Lj Presents. This will be a weekly show where I talk to various artists, community leaders and well people that I want to talk to in order to have an open dialogue and just talk about the things that are effecting us all around. Episode 0 is the teaser but be sure to check out my first episode with filmmaker and news commentator Tyrel Ventura. Tyrel and I go way back for about 20 years and to see where he is now I am so proud of him. Make sure to check out his show that he co-hosts with my other good friend Tabetha Wallace, Watching the Hawks on RTV. I expect my podcast to show up on iTunes pretty soon but in the meantime you can check it out here or on my page on Anchor, a podcast distribution site. Enjoy!!!

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L. Jeffrey Moore