It’s been a long time


Oh man!  I have been slippin’ on the entries. A lot has been happening here that I’m willing to share now that I’ve gotten a hold of things. I was laid off about two months ago. Yes it sucks but I’ve been able to focus on what matters most and that is my son and of course my career as an actor/filmmaker and all around creative. I do have a cool project in the works that I am starting to put the final touches. I can’t wait to share, as it is the perfect mix of doing what I love and being socially conscious.

Also, Very excited that I have two episodes that are live from the podcast: Making Movies is Hard. I interviewed the founder and CEO of Kweli TV DeShuna Spencer as she talks about creating a thriving streaming platform and Mischa Stanton, the creative force behind some of the biggest narrative podcasts on the inter webs, so make sure to check them both out.

L. Jeffrey Moore