Keeping the creative spark

One of the cool things I like to do when I'm not working in my field is going on walks with my iPhone and go on a photo safari. The saying "the best camera is the one you have with you" is true and smartphones are the best cameras at times. My weapon of choice is the iPhone 7+. With the ability to shoot in raw I have a great deal of creative freedom with these images as I can tweak them to my liking. Now with all that said I like to capture certain landscapes and other images that keeps my brain focused on composing shots and conveying a feel or look for when I get behind the camera on a film shoot. After editing them I post them on the app/website EyeEm.  This app for iOS is awesome as you can actually make money by selling your image as a stock photo and have them noticed by Getty images. Some of the pics you see here are available for sale or to take in as I fumble around and call myself a photographer, lol. To see more of my work click here. 


Rain forest exhibit San Francisco, Ca


Berkeley Ca  


My son enjoying fresh coconut water  

L. Jeffrey Moore