I'm a leaf on the wind....

Visual effects of Cockpit

About a year, or so, ago I had the pleasure of shooting a fan film of one of my favorite TV shows /Movie, "Firefly."  This ambitious project still has a ways to go before it's completed but  the filmmakers have released the poster for the film: "Shadows on the Wind."  I had a great time shooting this and I have to say that the cast was top notch. Hats off to director Samantha Laurenti for assembling such great talent.  The film is currently in post production, and with the challenge of getting visual effects done on such a small budget it is no wonder that the Shadows team is taking the time to get it done right before it is released to the masses.  To give you an Idea of the scale of this project take a look at the before and after picture to the right to see the care that is going into this epic piece of work. To see more behind the scene pictures, click here.

L. Jeffrey Moore