ars Paradoxica proudly(?) presents...


So if you've gone through the past two seasons of the award winning audio sci-fi drama ars Paradoxica and you still need your fix of time travel goodness, then you have got to listen to this crazy comedy from the creators of the Whisper forge and the Koch Brothers Mystery Show. Timeswimmers! I lend my voice as one of the swashbuckling time-warriors.  Here's the premise:  

From ars PARADOXICA and Whisperforge Radio Stories On the Air but it’s The Internet Now, its Timeswimmers! Dateline: September 11th… 2003… AD… Eastern time. We find our hero and story protagonist, Dagmar Pumpernickel, locked in the basement of the Pentagon. That dastardly dunce George W Bush has her tied to a water board! For nefarious waterboarding purposes, no doubt. What villainy awaits young Pumpernickel? Let’s find out today, on Timeswimmers!