This is your song

On the night of their wedding anniversary, a bohemian theatre actress and a beatnik inspired writer confront the strife of their relationship, dreams, and the city they once loved.

After being cast Hassan and I had a great conversation about my character: Zeus a well loved theater manager who cares for the central character and allows her to create in his space.  After our conversation I already began to see who I might pattern my character behind.

When the time comes I’m sure that the director and the rest of the production team will begin publicity and further funding of the film so if you are interested and wanted to see the press kit click here

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I have been sitting on this for a few months now and since everything is now in place I get to let everyone know that early next year I will be shooting the independent feature “This is your song”  Directed by LA/Bay Area  Director Hassan Said . The film centers around Jules, a dedicated bohemian theatre actress who struggles and confronts what seems to be an unhappy stifled marriage, a dead end theatre industry, and a city that is outgrowing her.

Director Hassan Said

Shooting begins in January with rehearsals starting soon.  The project will be challenging as the director plans on shooting the entire feature IN ONE TAKE!!!  That’s right folks one real take from start to finish.  This film takes place inside and around the famous immersive theater location:  The Speakeasy and is set in the tone of Ingmar Bergman with the inspiration of Jack Kerouac in writing.  After reading the script myself it is definitely something that I wanted to be behind and set my sites on being a part of this production. 


The cast of “This is your song”

L. Jeffrey Moore