The Big Chair


Well it’s official!  I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks ( you know dotting “I’s” and crossing “t’s”) but I’m back in the directors chair leading a rag tag team of new and veteran filmmakers in a short physicological thriller called “Night Captain.”  This short is put together  through Pictoclick’s film making classes.  I will be heading the creative team through the production process and show new filmmakers how it’s done.....and not done 🤨 depending on the Film gods. LOL!  

Directing is something that I’ve always wanted to get back into as I’ve been doing a lot of writing of late with the intent of directing what I’ve written.  Throughout this month I’ll be posting some behind the scenes (B.T.S.) pics and/or videos from rehearsals during production.  Stay tuned.  For other links to pieces I’ve directed check out this short film I co directed called Toxin  Also check out this proof of concept piece that I’m dying to get back to work on called:  The Fall of Macbeth


L. Jeffrey Moore