Representin’ !!!


So it’s official. I am officially signed with Johnson Talent Agency to represent me in both the Bay Area and LA markets.  It’s been some time since I’ve had an agent.  Mostly out of choice and the reason behind it is that I wanted to have more control over my time (partly because my son was younger and I was taking care of him mostly at home)  I was also (and still) doing other things behind the camera (writing, producing, directing). As time went on my son is a bit older and more independent and I now have more time to pursue auditioning in the LA market.  Personally my goal is to do television.  TV has come a long way and with shows like House of Cards, Ballers, Game of Thrones, and the Marvel lineup on Netflix I believe the possibilities are endless.  



So for those not aware of Johnson Talent Agency their mission is to construct an energized, inspired and trusted backdrop where creativity and imagination flourish to fulfill dreams of both talent and organizations, creating partnerships made to last.  This boutique agency is what I pursued because they are “small” in size but not in heart.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds but I do know that it’s going up!

L. Jeffrey Moore